Creating and exploring for a healthier planet

Combining Ecocriticism with Ecotourism for effective ecology.

Our beloved planet is being destroyed, and our narratives have always been what has driven the ecology. The study of ecocriticism stipulates political issues, unveiling the hidden nature within the social phenomena. Let us listen to the ecology of the past and present, to save our future. Carefully criticise and construct writing, to equally welcome the nature back.

For every script purchased, will help an ecological enterprise stay in business. For every show watched, will contribute to a better understanding of the planet. For every ecological enterprise staying in business, a healthier and active community will be retained. So, let’s start writing, lets start playing in nature and let’s have fun learning.




More than just offering beautiful unspoiled panoramic views, ecotourism provides a learning process to protect, care and improve the welfare of local communities that surround or are within the area of ecotourism destinations. This alternative to mass tourism contributes effectively to the environment, but lack support in various fields, levels and parties within the complexity web.


Script writing


New wave theatre scholars that support ecocriticism can illuminate theater’s and its communities participation in our ecological culture. Exploring strategies for greening the theater along two streams— applying ecocriticism to the dramatic canon, and creating new works of ecoscripts.


Our work

Our work aims to support ecological enterprises who are or wish to create positive change throughout the community.

Research and Professional strategy

The strategy is formulated collectively, with this collective input it makes dissemination of the new direction considerably easier and inclusive.

Campaigning & outreach

Everyone needs to experience the excitement and value of the environment. It is encouraged to our members and supporters to reach out and connect with people - from youngsters, to scientists, to political leaders - with the ecology.

Journals, scripts and databases

Our publishing portfolio will expand to contain over one thousand articles, chapters and records of ecological development and related fields.

Community outreach

Knowledge to support policy, practice and citizens develop social enterprises that have a positive impact.

Resources and tools

Over the past few years the huge increase in the volume, velocity and variety of information has shaken up the environment and our aim with this collection of resources and tools is to help you navigate the complex and evolving ecological landscape.

Secure and protected

The security of our websites, and protecting our supporters information is our highest priority.