Our Purpose

What's Geeco all about, you say?

Our purpose is to identify and support true ecological enterprises.

GEECO’s was born through a discovery of a gap between relevant stakeholders within the tourism industry. Further research revealed the importance of user inclusivity, as well as encouraging organisations that recognise the quadruple line assessment. Due to the current political shifts, the industry is actively working towards conserving the natural and cultural features within the community. The continuation of generating revenue by prioritising the management of touristic operations within an enterprise will only result in devastating ecological effects. That’s why ecotourism requires a wide spread of support, not only to remain sustainable as an entity, but also to keep the ‘eco’ alongside the title of ‘tourism’. The benefits of sustainable tourism is vast; to help conserve the environment, organising conservation projects, offering opportunities for volunteering and educating visitors, improving the welfare of the local surrounding communities. The recognition for these benefits usually go amiss and reviews are made from the wrong expectations.

To retain our unspoiled panoramic views and clean air, we will support those that are willing to/already contribute to the following:

  • Optimises and maintains resources within the environment that is a key contribution to tourism development.
  • Contributes toward development for ‘social good’. Ensuring that any action made, will have inter-cultural understanding and be respectful to the host communities.
  • Ensures long-term ecological operations, benefiting all stakeholders that are fairly distributed.
The collective approach of open communication with our supporters will ensure your projects are managed proactively, to minimise any unforeseen constraints resulting in significant and expensive delays. With expertise of project management in policy development and making environmental decisions, we will provide you with pragmatic solutions to managing ecotourism constraints to ensure the optimal outcome for your development and the environment. Navigation through complex and evolving ecological landscape with sound technical advice will be one form of support provided, and we will be happy to discuss our findings at any consultation meetings. At present there is an information gap between ecotourism operators, tourists and the world. Knowledge being shared with the right intent, usually disparages with the wrong approach. Our support will investigate platforms, and the method of dissemination of information. These innovative techniques will evolve ecotourism in its realm. We will encourage successes and opportunities within the industry, as well as adaptive marketing and other processes that can be employed to have made a difference.

By choosing GEECO you will also be recognising the The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity for all.