Our interest

So what keeps us focused, you say?

Our interest is to make the community a sustainable and creative place to explore.

Environmental decision making as an activity is key to underpinning the concepts and responsibilities in the processes of environmental management. Enabling the community to explore nature through Ecodramas will provide a focus on decision making for a more sustainable future. The distinctive understanding of nature and it’s history will provide advocacy for a greener future. Conceptual frameworks, as well as quantitative and qualitative methodologies have provided complex challenges in the past for strategy within research. Our professional and research strategy will accomplish these challenges with a collective input, allowing dissemination of information to be more effective. Through a combined and resilient approach of ecocriticism, every ecological enterprise will stay in business and a healthier, active community will be retained. Ecocriticism is a creative, linguistic analysis to creative pieces that reveals potential natural elements and the features that have been ignored. Ecological enterprises, or ecotourism are not just destinations that are holidays in the environment. They also provide education, involved in other agriculture or environmental orientated work before supporting adventurous, touristic experiences. GEECO’s fun ecological involvement, with strategic assessment will produce interesting transitional changes within the community.

Making environmental decisions

Welcoming the nature back will be a hard challenge, from any approach. Whether it’s from the every day habits, to the structured policies. That’s why it’s essential our members and supporters reach out and connect to people of all backgrounds, from youngsters to scientists to political leaders - with positive ecological decisions in mind. System theories that are constantly being adapted for effective development also assist with other parts of the world revolving around water, energy, agriculture, forestry and climate change. GEECO will be open and effective in collaboration with various international organisations, ensuring that it contributes to ‘good social development’ which will be constantly measured. Any sensitive information collected will be protected for trusted security. Navigation of new data through the evolving ecological landscape is possible through technical advancements, and mobility projects.