Our Aim

So what keeps us going, you say?

Our aim is to advance ecological advocacy through producing theatrical scholar ecoscripts.

Script writing Ecocriticism pushes ecological criticism beyond its focus on literary studies to engage with all the genres of writing. There is care about the fine elements that verge into our lifestyle, the extinction of species, and the commodification of science for data. But there is also dread for the unknown and complexity of the future. By approaching heavy subjects with current and historic events, Explorations in Ecocriticism and Ecoscripts makes environmental issues accessible to information to provide sustainability within the community. We can be surprised by the marvels of nature, and what it can teach us. With passionate, well chosen accounts of the manifold underpinnings of environmental thought, the revival of the strengths within nature and possibilities will be revealed. Art scholars, for centuries, have used creative writing to reveal breakthrough discoveries. By invoking the new wave, Ecoscripts for production, communities and theatre's who become stakeholders will discover a whole new reality of the natural world. With its words that imprints an experience in the mind's eye as real as any ecological environment. two streams— applying ecocriticism to the dramatic canon, and creating new works of Ecoscripts.

The Product.

Whether it’s applying ecocriticism to a literacy canon, or creating a greener soul of person in a narrative, the theatre will be shifted in the reality of the natural world. The Ecoscript product will:

  • Construct and continue a clear voice for ecology.
  • Vocalise a vernacular relevant to the century.
  • Experiment with directions on stage for research purposes.
  • Portray an idea, without telling the story.
  • Unleash 'inquisitivity' with nature.

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